Hunting season is on!

One of the things that appealed the most to me about building a summer house in Sweden was the fishing and hunting possibilities. As we’ve mentioned before K’s uncle has a house less than thirty km from Foreland and he’s renting approximately 120 hectares for hunting purposes. The wildlife is diverse including wild boars, deers, rabbits, hares and lots of birds.

Over the past 1,5 years, as all the males in K’s family got their hunting certificate, including myself, members of the hunting club have gradually been replaced by family members.

As in all other unions or clubs you are part of shaping it, so Christoffer and myself decided to update the map over the hunting grounds. Since it was created more towers have already been build and it seems like we need to make an updated version for next year.

The 16th og august the Swedish hunting season was kicked in on stacks. During the spring I joined K’s father on a few hunts in the northern part of Sealand but I never managed to get my first deer. So for obvious reasons I was pretty exited.

We arrived a bit late monday evening, had a few crayfish and a glass of red wine to calm the nerves. Before going to sleep we threw dices to decide in which towers we where to be seated.

We got up at four in the morning, got dressed, had a cup and went strait to the towers. Not long after we were seated the deers started barking… and yes, I mean barking. Initially I thought the forrest was packed with dogs and got a bit annoyed before I realised it was the stacks! – I’ll see if I can find a video source :)

Thirty minutes later I heard a shot not far from me, coming from the direction where Mikkel was seated. Fifteen minutes later we all received a text with a photo of a large stack in the grass. – Mikkels first stack, congrats!

2016-08-16 07.40.47

2016-08-16 07.48.07

He was celebrated the traditional way with a pine stick in the hat and blood on his cheeks.

The following two days we all went out twice but saw nothing but does….

We’ll return next month.


Map over the hunting grounds


Backside of the map with overview of game, foot prints and phone numbers.


2016-08-16 20.45.29

Views from the tower in the evening

2016-08-16 18.37.30

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