Postcard from Sweden

It’s been summer. Like most places around Scandinavia the summer season puts the everyday and all its activities on hold – including blog post writing, construction drawings, meetings with the municipality and image posting on Instagram. Now we’re back. Full of energy after a long and much-needed summer break!

For us the summer brought several trips to Sweden. Of cause, we went to the forest the very first day of vacation – craving the smell of the pine trees, listening to the wind in the trees and the enclosed silence, which is non-existing in any city center. Camping in our Robens Klondike tipi tent in the middle of the forest was the perfect way to initiate the holiday in order to slow down and reach a chilling-holiday mood. The process went slightly faster with a considerable amount of Rosé wine consumed in a hammock with lake view, while Anders was fishing from the stones.



The Nordic weather can be quite unpredictable and the rainy days were spent exploring the region: Visiting IKEA museum in Älmhult and doing sight seeing in Ljungby. Our visit to Ljungby partly originated from our (red. my) need for a shower. Anders was pretty fearless and did his daily bath in the lake. I have to admit, I didn’t have any dips in the water – despite the fact that Anders built a small ladder to make it easier to get out of the water. I could list multiple excuses; the water was freezing, the amount of hungry pikes per cubic metre and finally that Anders was covered in mud and actually needed a shower much more after than before the swim. However, despite the odds, our shower- excursion to Ljungby succeeded as we found an outdoor swimming pool area with free entrance – a really lovely concept.

Photo 04-07-16 14 28 00

Four days went fast. Relaxing in the wild, with cold wine from our homemade fridge in the ground, popcorn made on open fire and blueberry hunting kick-started our summer.


Subsequently the holiday continued at the Amalfi Coast in Italy – But that would be another postcard.

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