Status on the building permit

Things are happening but they are happening slowly.

We hoped to start building the house this summer but we’ve recognised the facts… it won’t happen before spring 2017. The day we planned so submit the drawings for the building permit we realised that a new law, introduced in 2013, demands that the drawings and construction work are supervised by a certified person. Dammit!

We’ve had help from carpenters and taken all the rules and regulations we’ve been able to find online into account, minimum door sizes, windows, ventilation, etc. so it just feels like extra work and definetly not worth 20.000 SEK. On the other hand it’s probably worth doing it if you take insurance into account.

No matter what it has been a great pleasure to talk to Sofia Gustavsson, Environment Inspector, from Avesta municipality. She has been extremely helpfull and fast to respond. We can only wish that the Danish municipalities will be that efficient in the future!

Instead we will probably spend the summer making small paths, maintaining the forrest and just relax and enjoy the surroundings. Everyone is still more than welcome to come visit.

We’ll keep you posted.

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