Hunting on Foreland

The main purpose of investing in a piece of land in Sweden was to build a sommer house and enjoy the nature. But when fishing and hunting is 2 of my favourite activities it was just a matter time before we started to explore the possibilities regarding fish in the lake and wildlife in the forrest.

During our first weekend in Foreland we managed to build a feeding station for wild boars. Wild boars have a bad reputation because they increase in numbers rapidly and eat the crops. Småland is known for having a very high population and we’ve seen tracks in the snow during the winter.  Once the sorounding stumps were covered with hog tar, the feeding station was loaded with corn, and programmed to spread 21:30 every evening we set up a cheap surveillance cam to see if the boars would come. Unfortunately after two weeks it has only been visited regularly by the jay. Some might find it unsporting to set up a feeing station to hunt boars, but they are extremely shy and also pretty dangerous if you catch them by surprise. This is how it is done in Sweden.


The jay eating all the corn!


Pouring hog jar on the stumps


No boars, hmm…

Swedish lakes has a reputation for being great for pike and perch fishing and after a few hours of fishing we know for sure that Östra Trehörningen is amazing for fishing pike. We haven’t really had time to explore all the 50 acres of the lake but after approximately 6 hours of fishing in the cove just next to our campsite, we’ve caught +15 pikes, average size 45 cm. We are still waiting for the croc!

So far only 1 perch but I guess it is just a matter of time before we find their hunting grounds. Let’s see.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 18.57.03 Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 18.56.23

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  1. Manne says:

    Hey, if you’re “buying back” Sweden, shouldn’t you have chosen a part that once was Danish? 😉 Good luck in the swedish woods nonetheless

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