Building permit

The drawings are finally ready.

Yesterday we planned to ship the drawings and application to Alvesta municipality. When we were filling out the application we realised that there is a law from 2013 saying, that you need a certified person involved in the building process…. dammit!

Through we managed to find a list of certified people in Kronobergs Län and now we are waiting for them to get back to us. We have involved many professionals in the process of designing the house, to make sure it fullfils all the requirements. Now we are a bit curious to see how many changes they think we need to make! – Let’s see.

For now you can have a look on the drawings and we’ll let you know when we have any updates.



Byggeansøgning-01 Byggeansøgning-02 Byggeansøgning-03 Byggeansøgning-04 Byggeansøgning-06



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