A productive weekend

We just got back to Copenhagen after a fantastic weekend in Sweden. The weather has not been this good in May for 9 years.

Our mutual norwegian friend Kåre went by train to Vislanda and we picked him up by car. Besides swimming and fishing we did a lot of things:

We build a small bridge to reach the rock from where we are swimming

We build a hunting platform & feeding station for the wild boars.

We set up a surveillance cam to record the wildlife that (hopefully) will feed on the corn from the feeding station.

We cleaned up the camp and piled sticks and smaller fallen trees.

We actually worked so hard that it was almost impossible to climb the rock and get out of the water after we went swimming. So naturally we had to build a small latter for that.

Kroksnäs 1:6 or Foreland is pretty amazing!

I’m sure K will write a more detailed description soon.

We’ll keep you posted


Kåre is crazy with swimming!


Foreland by night

Feeding station from Foreland on Vimeo.


Feeding station #1


Feeding station #2


Our new bridge


Kåre is still swimming!


Kåre caught his first pike. We caught 11 in total!


The camp. Now with piles of old sticks and fallen trees

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