The House #6

The latest iteration of the house. We have said it before but now we are pretty close to a final result. We always preferred a facade made out of glass but we always thought it would be pretty costly. We did some research online and realised that making a glass facade would actually be cheaper than cover it with pine tree. Plantegning 15-06

One constraint is that the windows cannot open, but with some creative thinking on the construction work and a few good inputs from Sebastian, K’s cousin, we came up with a solution we think work pretty good. By making a notch into the construction wood we will basically be able to place the windows in the frame and seal it with a wooden fillet (See illustration below).


Two layer thermo glass is insanely cheap if you buy it online and you can customise sizes to match you wishes. Besides getting the most beautiful view over the lake we will actually also save money on insulation, OSB, plasterboards, paint, etc.

You might argue that it will be more expensive to heat up energy wise, but since we won’t be living there permanently we think this is the better solution.

We still need to make a few changes:

  • Making the tool shed a tiny bit bigger
  • Design a smaller separate shed/workshop – approximately 12 m2.

We will keep you posted!


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