Time goes by – So slowly

We got the piece of forest – we have the ideas for a cabin and we also got the constructions drawings (almost ready). And yet it seems like there are so many things between a building permission and us.

Currently we are taking baby steps related to need-to-do things which I like to categorize as invisible progress. Invisible progress is necessary in order to get the building permission right and seize the opportunities for what’s feasible – however it’s invisible to the eye, as the progress mainly concern acquisition of knowledge and contacts. The learning curve is still really steep and we speak to people who have jobs and expertise I didn’t know anything about, it’s really interesting – but sometimes you just are so eager to see visible progress as well.
I thought I was prepared after reading the book by Signe Wenneberg, where she’s also telling about the waiting time. At first the waiting time was okay, I had a good book I used to kill time, but now it feels like times goes by so slowly.

Reading about waiting for building permission.
Reading about waiting for building permission.

A couple of weeks back, we were in the forest and realized that the ground where we wanted to build was very humid – I guess extremely humid describes it even better. For some time we thought this could be solved by adding additional material like sand or grit. But after speaking with some wise men, we realized this was; first of all not a good solution because the area was simply too wet which would damage the materials in the construction and secondly a very expensive solution. This means we need to reconsider where to place the cabin. It does not sound difficult, but when placing the house we try to keep the view over the lake in mind and imagine different use scenarios that reflect the design of the house and to get optimum use of the sunlight.

Due to the forest is facing water on almost all sides, we are waiting to get an expert to mark the area where we’re allowed to build within. There are strict rules only allowing new construction 100 meters away from the riverbank, leaving us with a limited area where we can build – and most of that is quite humid. We have the area drawn on a map, but it’s hard to be sure where the line is, when you’re surrounded by trees. So now we’re waiting to get an offer for marking the borderline so we can consider the options for placing the house elsewhere.

A small victory within this invisible progress, that yesterday we received the municipality’s confirmation that there are no restrictions on the construction appearance. In some areas you’re only permitted to erect traditional Swedish buildings. This was also our first idea, to build a red house with white windows, however the new ideas (house#5) do not really match that, but is more like a modern shelter, that would look much better with grass on the roof. This is another thing we need to examine, if the construction can carry the weight of a living green roof …So the invisible progress seems to continue for quite some time.

Looking at pictures ... again!
Looking at pictures … again!

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