From city girl to forest owner

Copenhagen city and a Swedish forest do not have many things in common – close to none, actually. Maybe that’s why the combination of these different settings is so appealing to Anders and I. Copenhagen provides the dynamics, the diversity, the energy from many people living close together and a broad array of possibilities and experiences. The contrast must be a forest isolated from neighbors, roads and noise. The forest provides space for big thoughts, peace and serves as a breathing space from a hectic and intense everyday. Ideally will Sweden be this time warp, where we go berry hunting, fishing, split logs and spend the winter doing cross-country skiing etc.
I didn’t grow up in the city, maybe that’s why I sometimes get a claustrophobic feeling, where I desperately need to go out of the city, in order to see a tree that is not planted by a human or where I can see the sky without hearing the noise from cars. During the past 6 years where I’ve been living in Copenhagen these moments have come and passed by. Now I’m looking forward to get regularly breaks and spending many hours, days and weeks building our Sweden!

If you asked me a year ago, what my first big investment would be, I would without doubt say an apartment. I wouldn’t know if it would be in Copenhagen or abroad, because Anders and I were seriously considering moving abroad for a couple of years, depending on Anders’ job opportunities. Eventually he received a really great job offer here in Copenhagen and called off the travel plans.
However our first big investment was not an apartment, a house, a car or a dog – but a forest 211 km away from our apartment in Frederiksberg.
I would never have anticipated that we would buy a forest – maybe a small piece of land, but not a forest.

What does it mean to be a forest owner?
There are requirements to the maintenance of the forest and to make sure you plant new trees as well. You need to cut down small trees to make space for the big ones to grow. You need to pay taxes of the growth of the trees and by all means you need lots of power tools, work wear and most important a green wide-brimmed hat. As the point of acquisition we had none of it.

Now I’ve got the green wide-brimmed hat, a full body thermal suit (also green) and a pair of Fjällräven pants, so now I’m also starting to look like a forest owner!


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