The house #5

After meeting with K’s uncle we took 1 step back with the house design. It is frustrating but also the right decision. He made us realise how the complexity¬†of the construction increases with the height of the house. Building to floors will mean we will be dependent on other people, we would need to rent scaffolds for most of the tasks, more materials, etc.

We have been inspired by danish summer house architecture from the 60’s and we can easily imagine how the house would blend perfectly into the surroundings with a green roof.

While finalising what might end up as the final design, who knows, we wait for the municipality in Alvesta to help us with pointing out the exact area where we are aloud to build and doing some samples for the well.

We’ll keep you updated.

Thx to Sebastian, Jens, Poul and Nikolaj for great feedback and good advice.

Plantegning 10-08

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