The house #4

I do belive we are getting closer to a final result. We had some discussion wether the large windows facing north should be able to open or not and we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary. It also means that we can go for cheaper windows which have certain constrains with the measurements. It affects the facade facing north and we have the opportunity to add to extra windows. We imagine standing in the open living room will almost feel like standing in the middle of the forrest!

From conversation with K’s uncle and cousin we started to design the framework. It is incredible what you can find online but even more incredible how difficult it is to make sense of it all when you have no background in carpentry. Luckily Katrines cousin agreed to let us come visit them after week 7 to get some professional advice.

The size of the house has not changed this time but since we are looking more closely into the actual construction we also get a much better sense of what the rooms going to look like in the end.

How much do you insulate outer walls versus inner walls, what is the standard thickness of floors, what is the standard dimensions for the construction wood and for what purposes do you use the different kinds?

It is a great puzzle but things are starting to make sense!

By the way… if you know a building constructor who you think might help us for a bottle of wine, please let us know :)


Plantegning-15 Plantegning-16 Plantegning-17 Plantegning version 4-18 Plantegning-19kon1kon2kon3Plantegning version 4-20

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