The house #3

After many conversations with more experinced crafstmen, house builders and architect friends we have the 3rd iteration of the house. In some ways it is quite similiar to what we initially wanted but some things have changed, both for practical, economic and estethic reasons. Originally we liked the idea of a cubic shaped house but a field trip to Smäland made us think differently. The cubic house looked pretty nice on paper but it is certainly a different experience to see it in real life and in an environment. It easily looks a bit clumbsy and too rubust.

Both the first and second iteration of the house had a porch in front of the house. When we visit K’s uncle we often sit outside on that porch, drinking a beer and waiting for the others to return from a hunt, a walk, a fishing trip, etc, and it is a really nice space. By mirroring the house and attaching the roof top covered terasse on the western side of the house we would be able to make this space even more the center of the house. It is not just where you are on a rainy day, it is also the first space you enter when you arrive, after long walk, etc.



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