A year with many “first times”

There is a first time for everything. I believe that you do something new almost everyday – but in a small scale. Maybe you try to make a new dish, try hot yoga as a new year resolution or like me, having my first coffee at a newly opened coffee shop on the corner of my street named Ved buen (Lovely place btw).

However I expect something extraordinary of 2016, which I know for sure will take us through many first times of various things.

My first time to

  • Be a forest owner
  • Buy my first car
  • Be granted a loan from the bank
  • Design our own house
  • Build a house
  • Do soil samples
  • Ask permission to make a pond
  • Google for Swedish language classes in Copenhagen
  • Write my master thesis (this will confidently be my first and last time)
  • Become a full time employee (hopefully, as I’ll complete my studies as design engineer in the summer of 2016)
  • Build a website for my first blog

Already many questions have come to my mind. Sometimes I’ll find it slightly intimidating and wonder how we’ll ever mange to build a house due to our current lack of knowledge of construction work, building requirements in Sweden. Further I wonder if our price estimates are adequate or extremely naive. I guess time will show.

I can hardly wait. I’m so excited about all the things to come. Even though I’m very aware that 2016 might also bring many frustrations, waiting time, planning and deadlines. But when I picture Anders and myself in the house in front of the fire – I know it will all be worth it!

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