Using Design Tools

With an engineering and interaction design background it kind of made sense to design the house using simple design principles. First step was to take a step back. The initial drawings were driven by the idea of a large outdoor area, but we never really thought about our actual needs and how we wanted to use the house in the future.

As a starting point we did some desk research about good dimension for different kinds of rooms:
Bedrooms, living room, bath room and an outdoor terrase with a roof.

We used masking tape to mock up the dimensions in our apartment in copenhagen keeping in mind the standard dimensions for beds, sofas, kitchen cabinets, toilets, etc.

We ended up with the following dimensions:
Bedrooms: 3 x 2,5 m = 7,5 m2
Bathroom: 3 x 2 m = 6 m2
Master bedroom: = 3 x 7 m = 21 m2
Combined kitchen and living room = 7 x 5 m = 35 m2
Outdoor terasse with roof: 6 x 4 m = 24 m2

Starting all over again we tried to shape the house from our actual needs using small cut out cardboard pieces to shape the new design. We ended up with a new and different structure:



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