First meeting with the bank

 No matter how brilliant your idea is, it’s rarely self-financing. Despite all our expectations it is not as easy to make the banks embrace the idea as we first anticipated. Anders has been on the phone with multiple banks in order to seize the options for different loans. He has spoken with local banks, banks in Jutland and even practiced his Swedish when talking with Swedish financial advisers. It’s starting to become very clear that this is not as straightforward as our blond heads thought it would be.

Actually it’s not the idea, the project, our financial status or our expenditures that makes it hard for us to get accepted – but the fact that we want to buy a piece of land in Sweden without an house (but we’ll build one). Normally the bank will take security in the house, even though it’s a crappy house of rodent timber, but the fact that there is no house might force us to consider great de-tours in order to finance our dream.

Today we had our first meeting with Nordea. It feels so adult, to meet your financial advisor as a couple – but we got the best one – Theis. It’s rarely to find a guy that patient. He was even capable of remaining patient when facing two novices with absolutely no experience with lending money.

Of cause both of us did an effort to understand the processes in advance, but still our bank vocabulary wasn’t fully developed which lead to many questions like: “What does that mean” and “Why this” but we’ll properly learn it as we go.

The meeting provided great comfort, and soon a real estate agent will make a valuation of our apartment in order to assess if we’ll be granted a loan. Exciting!

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