It’s a dream come true to be able to create a house from scratch, allowing you to tailor the rooms, the spaces and the environment to your specific needs and style. However, it’s surprisingly hard to start off with no constrains and a white paper. The brainstorm somehow needed some kind of restrains to shape the ideas.

Until now we have mainly paid attention to the shape and expression of the house and it has actually been really interesting to start creating your dream house without considering cost, construction challenges etc. The natural reason is that we don’t much about these things – yet. For now I think it’s only beneficial for the ideation process in terms focusing on the needs and awesome details – then soon we need to get a sound understanding of the elements influencing construction requirements in order to get a realistic picture of what’s feasible.

I think we have a preference for the house structure pictured below, a tree house, with a huge outdoor area under a roof, allowing us to gather outside despite the Scandinavian weather.


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