Can we afford it?

It’s amazing to think big thoughts and share big dreams. The smile just gets bigger for every sentence starting with try to imagine… However the euphoric feeling decreases the moment you’ll start to speak about the finances from a realistic perspective.

It’s important to both of us, that we would be able to buy a bigger apartment if needed within a couple of years. Further that we must have financial room for a nice dinner, going to the movies or going for a long weekend somewhere. Having in mind that 70-80% of our time would still be in Copenhagen, due to job and studies – all the money should not be spent in Sweden. (Well, maybe we can’t help ourselves when we first start the building)

We’ve done multiple future scenarios;

  • Worst worst case: We are both unemployed
  • Worst case (temporary): Anders will be unemployed and Katrine is a student.
  • Worst case (long-term): One is employed and one unemployed
  • A more realistic case: Both having a job

Actually even the worst-case scenarios of Anders being unemployed and I as student, would allow us to buy Sweden without creating a wall of limitations. This provided great comfort and the dreams gained momentum again. But it’s a big decision and no matter how many times we go over the budget, we still don’t know the total cost of the project – everything is roughly estimated, as we’re new in the world of construction and building. Further we’re so excited about the project, so we can’t help ourselves getting small gadgets and equipment to prepare us for getting started!

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