How we happened to fall in love with a forest

For some time, we had been looking at small ramshackle old houses in Sweden. We were just seizing the opportunities and curious about how much land you could buy for small money. There was many nice areas, but we were not blown away at any point – it was more a fun activity as when people look at sports cars online well-knowing that they’re not going to buy one.

As many times before, we talked about anything and everything with my family and we mentioned that we were dreaming of a small summer cabin in Sweden facing a lake (at this point we had no intentions about realizing the dream anytime soon). Then one thing took the other, and short time after Anders and I found our self in Sweden on our way to see a piece of land.

It was August 15, a warm day with 27°C, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. We had a map of the area we were going to visit. It was divided into smaller areas and we were pointing out the small areas we were interested in. However we should quickly learn that we weren’t going to decide for the small areas – it should be sold in one piece so it was all or nothing.

You can argue that everything is beautiful when the sun is shining, but this piece of land completely blew us away with almost 600 meters of riverbank and the ground covered in blueberry bushes. My shoes were colored from all the blueberries I smashed by walking in the forest, my hands were colored from all the blueberries I had picked and my mound was colored from all the blueberries I had eaten.

Just another blueberry pit-stop

We were looking for a small piece of land of approximately 5000-9000m2 – this land was 55.000m2 and incredible beautiful! The land happened to be registered as a forest due to its area. A forest with old pines and isolated from other neighbors except from a lumber mill a kilometer away, which might be very useful when cutting down trees.

We had a coffee break and as the tradition in Sweden, Thomas (the current owner) had brought coffee and homemade bread. I think we had a hard time to disguise our feelings about this place as we sat at the riverbank and tried to ask critical questions.

We were both extremely excited, well almost euphoric when we came back from the site visit. I guess we somehow knew this was going to be our forest one day -just by intuition.

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