Hunting season is on!

One of the things that appealed the most to me about building a summer house in Sweden was the fishing and hunting possibilities. As we’ve mentioned before K’s uncle has a house less than thirty km from Foreland and he’s renting approximately 120 hectares for hunting purposes. The wildlife is diverse including wild boars, deers, rabbits, hares and lots of birds. Over the past 1,5 years, as all the males in K’s family got their hunting certificate, including myself, membersRead more

Postcard from Sweden

It’s been summer. Like most places around Scandinavia the summer season puts the everyday and all its activities on hold – including blog post writing, construction drawings, meetings with the municipality and image posting on Instagram. Now we’re back. Full of energy after a long and much-needed summer break! For us the summer brought several trips to Sweden. Of cause, we went to the forest the very first day of vacation – craving the smell of the pine trees, listening toRead more

Status on the building permit

Things are happening but they are happening slowly. We hoped to start building the house this summer but we’ve recognised the facts… it won’t happen before spring 2017. The day we planned so submit the drawings for the building permit we realised that a new law, introduced in 2013, demands that the drawings and construction work are supervised by a certified person. Dammit! We’ve had help from carpenters and taken all the rules and regulations we’ve been able to findRead more

Hunting on Foreland

The main purpose of investing in a piece of land in Sweden was to build a sommer house and enjoy the nature. But when fishing and hunting is 2 of my favourite activities it was just a matter time before we started to explore the possibilities regarding fish in the lake and wildlife in the forrest. During our first weekend in Foreland we managed to build a feeding station for wild boars. Wild boars have a bad reputation because they increaseRead more

A productive weekend

We just got back to Copenhagen after a fantastic weekend in Sweden. The weather has not been this good in May for 9 years. Our mutual norwegian friend Kåre went by train to Vislanda and we picked him up by car. Besides swimming and fishing we did a lot of things: We build a small bridge to reach the rock from where we are swimming We build a hunting platform & feeding station for the wild boars. We set up aRead more

Building permit

The drawings are finally ready. Yesterday we planned to ship the drawings and application to Alvesta municipality. When we were filling out the application we realised that there is a law from 2013 saying, that you need a certified person involved in the building process…. dammit! Through we managed to find a list of certified people in Kronobergs Län and now we are waiting for them to get back to us. We have involved many professionals in the processRead more

The House #6

The latest iteration of the house. We have said it before but now we are pretty close to a final result. We always preferred a facade made out of glass but we always thought it would be pretty costly. We did some research online and realised that making a glass facade would actually be cheaper than cover it with pine tree.  One constraint is that the windows cannot open, but with some creative thinking on the construction work and a fewRead more

Time goes by – So slowly

We got the piece of forest – we have the ideas for a cabin and we also got the constructions drawings (almost ready). And yet it seems like there are so many things between a building permission and us. Currently we are taking baby steps related to need-to-do things which I like to categorize as invisible progress. Invisible progress is necessary in order to get the building permission right and seize the opportunities for what’s feasible – however it’s invisibleRead more

From city girl to forest owner

Copenhagen city and a Swedish forest do not have many things in common – close to none, actually. Maybe that’s why the combination of these different settings is so appealing to Anders and I. Copenhagen provides the dynamics, the diversity, the energy from many people living close together and a broad array of possibilities and experiences. The contrast must be a forest isolated from neighbors, roads and noise. The forest provides space for big thoughts, peace and serves as aRead more

The house #5

After meeting with K’s uncle we took 1 step back with the house design. It is frustrating but also the right decision. He made us realise how the complexity of the construction increases with the height of the house. Building to floors will mean we will be dependent on other people, we would need to rent scaffolds for most of the tasks, more materials, etc. We have been inspired by danish summer house architecture from the 60’s and we can easilyRead more

From past experiences, we know that when you finish a larger project you’ll often forget the fuzzy beginning and all the frustrations along the way, which were a great part of process and therefore the final result. Every activity seems so structured in a retrospective perspective. This is one of the reasons why we decided to create a running blog, where we can document the progress, the challenges we encounter and the small victories we celebrate. Further we have manyRead more

The house #4

I do belive we are getting closer to a final result. We had some discussion wether the large windows facing north should be able to open or not and we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary. It also means that we can go for cheaper windows which have certain constrains with the measurements. It affects the facade facing north and we have the opportunity to add to extra windows. We imagine standing in the open living room willRead more

The house #3

After many conversations with more experinced crafstmen, house builders and architect friends we have the 3rd iteration of the house. In some ways it is quite similiar to what we initially wanted but some things have changed, both for practical, economic and estethic reasons. Originally we liked the idea of a cubic shaped house but a field trip to Smäland made us think differently. The cubic house looked pretty nice on paper but it is certainly a different experience toRead more

Where to place the house?

We got some information from Alvesta municipality about where we are allowed to place the house. There are some legaslations that you cannot build within 100 meters from the lake. The ideal position would have been on the western slope with a 180 degrees view around the lake. But it would also be much more exposed to wind and rain. We have thought about digging a smaller lake for crayfish and trout and why not dig that approximately 10 metersRead more

The house #2

Iterating, iterating, iterating. Without promising to much I guess you can expect to see the house in a lot of different shapes. We are trying out different things. One is how to make the terrasse look more as part of the solid construction then just an add on. We are not there yet. For economic reasons we started looking into what the house would look like if we reused the windows from my fathers old house. Without saying to muchRead more

A year with many “first times”

There is a first time for everything. I believe that you do something new almost everyday – but in a small scale. Maybe you try to make a new dish, try hot yoga as a new year resolution or like me, having my first coffee at a newly opened coffee shop on the corner of my street named Ved buen (Lovely place btw). However I expect something extraordinary of 2016, which I know for sure will take us through manyRead more

Using Design Tools

With an engineering and interaction design background it kind of made sense to design the house using simple design principles. First step was to take a step back. The initial drawings were driven by the idea of a large outdoor area, but we never really thought about our actual needs and how we wanted to use the house in the future. As a starting point we did some desk research about good dimension for different kinds of rooms: Bedrooms, livingRead more

The house #1

We have no idea what the final design of the house will look like, but I do believe we have figured out that a large terrase with a roof could be pretty nice. We both like the idea of an outdoor kitchen, a large table with small benches covered in lamb skins. The idea of being able to be outside even though it is pouring down. Katrines uncle build a house 10 years back and he told us there mightRead more

First meeting with the bank

 No matter how brilliant your idea is, it’s rarely self-financing. Despite all our expectations it is not as easy to make the banks embrace the idea as we first anticipated. Anders has been on the phone with multiple banks in order to seize the options for different loans. He has spoken with local banks, banks in Jutland and even practiced his Swedish when talking with Swedish financial advisers. It’s starting to become very clear that this is not as straightforwardRead more


It’s a dream come true to be able to create a house from scratch, allowing you to tailor the rooms, the spaces and the environment to your specific needs and style. However, it’s surprisingly hard to start off with no constrains and a white paper. The brainstorm somehow needed some kind of restrains to shape the ideas. Until now we have mainly paid attention to the shape and expression of the house and it has actually been really interesting toRead more

Can we afford it?

It’s amazing to think big thoughts and share big dreams. The smile just gets bigger for every sentence starting with try to imagine… However the euphoric feeling decreases the moment you’ll start to speak about the finances from a realistic perspective. It’s important to both of us, that we would be able to buy a bigger apartment if needed within a couple of years. Further that we must have financial room for a nice dinner, going to the movies orRead more

How we happened to fall in love with a forest

For some time, we had been looking at small ramshackle old houses in Sweden. We were just seizing the opportunities and curious about how much land you could buy for small money. There was many nice areas, but we were not blown away at any point – it was more a fun activity as when people look at sports cars online well-knowing that they’re not going to buy one. As many times before, we talked about anything and everything withRead more